A bus company that would rather spend nothing to fix nothing.
Fortunately, they also charge almost nothing at all.

Lindsay Cecero and I created this campaign for Megabus, a company who recognizes how terrible bus travel can be. But instead of spending money to solve those problems, Megabus just charges less for the ticket.

Finger puppet theater is all Megabus can afford.

We created videos for web illustrating how little Megabus has to offer.

Bring-your-own entertainment

We made the finger puppet costumes available for purchase as bring-your-own-in-bus-entertainment, and used social media to help out riders who may be bored on a long drive with little-to-no wifi.

After purchasing a ticket, customers are able to watch the videos and are then offered to buy their own in-bus entertainment for their upcoming ride.


The in-bus wifi isn't fast enough for Netflix, so we give riders their video through Twitter.


The windows are already there, so that helps

We created games for riders to play without the use of any electronics at all. Remember watching raindrops roll down the window as a kid?  

Sometimes you have to just make your own bus stops.

Since Megabus chooses not to have physical bus stops or stations, we created our own with stickers and signs that conveniently said "stop" already.