Eternal Summers "Come Alive" Official music video

I had a blast creating this video with Allison Apperson and Sara Carr. Huge thank you to Eternal Summers for being so awesome to work with, and thanks to my little sister for facing her two biggest fears: cooking and befriending a gigantic rat person.

Under the Husk: The Coconut Story

Lexi Kafkis, Emily Hovis, and I made this short film telling the harrowing story of the rise and fall of coconut in the world of food porn. It's a tough industry, kids. 

Special thanks to Rosalee Lewis, Noel Van Aartrijk, Prit Patel, Steven Ebert, and Mackenzie Beer for providing the faces of the food porn industry.

Sad Bird Comics for Stihl Chainsaws

What goes through a bird's mind when you cut down their tree?

Logan Kornhauser illustrated and I wrote these comics as part of a campaign for Stihl.