Glover: Information Foreman

When Team One was moving to their new space in Playa Vista, the leadership team asked me to write and direct a series of videos that would convey any pertinent information to the agency. 

I took the opportunity to create Glover, the bumbling "information foreman" whose job it was to live at the construction site 24-7 in case any urgent updates needed to be passed along. We produced nine videos over the three months leading up to the agency move.

Thanks to Devin Field for making Glover much funnier than he had any reason to be.

ECD Chris Graves
CD Phil Glist
Producer Megan Ubovich
DP Sergio Maggi
Editorial Sergio Maggi, Kara Kieffer

Episode 1, Meet Glover:

Episode 2, Cleanout: 

Episode 3, Workspaces:

Episode 4, Dogs: