Timex has done one thing for 150 years: tell you the time.

Jonathan Hirsch and I created this campaign for Timex to remind people that if they don't have a Timex, well, they won't know what time it is.


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Then we wrote simple, short videos that really drive the point home. We produced one and have more boarded out.

Director: Sergio Maggi
Cinematographer: Michael Stampler
Producer: Kelly Nygaard


I wrote radio spots featuring people realizing they have lost track of the time. 

+ "Greeter" script

All of a sudden, you can feel something cold and slick in your hands.

You look down and you squint, because the fluorescent tube lights are as harsh as they are loud.

Is this…a roll…of stickers?

It is. Round, yellow, smiley face stickers.

And what’s this? A young child. Reaching out…it…it wants a sticker.

No problem, kiddo, I’ve got hundreds.

You watch the child walk off with his Pop Pop, and you realize you’re in a mid-tier warehouse mart.

You can’t remember ever signing up to be a greeter at a mid-tier warehouse mart, but…you must have.

Because you're here.

How long have I been holding these stickers? You wonder aloud. Years?

You check your watch, and - no, wait. You don’t have a watch.

Of course. You’ve lost track of the time.

You resolve to use your next break to take a stroll over to the watch department and pick up a Timex.

You’ve lost track of so much time.


You either know the time, or you don't.

+ "Librarian" script

A blast of light hits your eyes.

Like coming out of a long, deep sleep.

How long was I out? You shout to the first person you see.

Who turns out to be a small child.

Holding a book on butterflies.

You look around. You are in an elementary school library.

The small child takes a step closer to you.

She wants to check out the book.

From you, because you’re the librarian.

At an elementary school library.

Me? You wonder aloud. A librarian? When did this happen?

You must have lost track of time.

You check your watch.

And that’s when you realize: of course.

You don’t have a watch.

You lost track of the time.

You resolve to get a Timex.

Soon, you’ll know the time.

Right after you help this small child take the first steps on an adventure of knowledge.


You either know the time, or you don’t.

+ "Waterslide" script

You open your eyes to find an overweight man standing in front of you.

He’s wearing Jammers.

Your instincts tell you to get as much distance between this man and yourself as you can, so you shout, "get away from me!" and he does.

He goes down the waterslide, because you are the lifeguard at the top of the waterslide.

You know, the person in charge of saying: Hold up. Ok, go ahead.

That's you. Sending sunburnt tourists plummeting to their wake pools.

But how did you get here?

You look at your own tanned, leathery skin.

How long have I been up here?

You must have lost track of time.

So you check your watch.

Of course. You don’t have a watch.

Just a leathery, empty wrist.

You resolve to take the opportunity to slide down into the wake pool, dry off, and go pick up a Timex.

Soon, you will know the time.

You either know the time, or you don't.

Where is the time most important? Live TV.

Finally, we created Timex counters for situations on live television where people really need to know the time.

Like the awkward moments before major news announcements:


or the stress of following the NBA Shot clock.